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Symmetrical flooring has so much to offer for Ottawa area, whether it is Tile, Hardwood , Engineered wood, Laminate, luxury vinyl, sheet vinyl , carpet tile, 

We offer simply the best products on the market. What drives this business, Our installer has a passion for the industry, 

has the best technical knowledge in the city. Your consultant that will measure your home is very product knowledgeable who cares about his clients, who will be looking out for you and your home. This is a unique skill set that Symmetrical flooring offers, a dynamic team, that will generate every floor plan custom tailored to you.     

Kitchen Design

Did you know Symmetrical flooring can remove an existing vinyl floor, will solidify the subfloor and can install custom tile on the floor, Also large tiles as big as 4 feet can even be installed on a countertop, mosaic tiles or subway tiles look amazing on a backsplash. We can make your dream kitchen a reality one floor at a time.

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Bedroom Design

Did you know a hard surface in a bedroom is easier to clean, easier to maintain, In 25 years if you calculate cost of a hard surface, and you calculate carpet, multiply carpet by 3, plus the installation by 3 plus 13% times 3. You will realize hardwood long term is a good investment for your home.  

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Bathroom Design

Did you know a shower can be a large tile and one slope, 

The waterproofing of a shower is important, with Symmetrical flooring we follow what tile manufacturers recommend. 

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