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Ottawa and the surrounding area has Symmetrical flooring to tailor to their flooring needs  , whether it is Tile, Hardwood , Engineered wood, Laminate, luxury vinyl plank, sheet vinyl , carpet tile, 

We offer simply the best products on the market. What drives this business, Our installers have a passion for the industry, 

has the best technical knowledge in the city. Your consultant that will measure your home is very product knowledgeable who cares about his clients, who will be looking out for you and your home. This is a unique skill set that Symmetrical flooring offers, a dynamic team, that will generate every floor plan custom tailored to you.

Kitchen Design

In a kitchen I typically either install tile or hardwood on the floor, I typically install unique backsplashes, What happens when you have a beautiful hard surface on the floor and a unique backsplash, everyone is drawn in the kitchen, everyone sees your beautiful kitchen,This adds character to your home and value.   

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Bedroom Design

Did you know a hard surface in a bedroom is easier to clean, easier to maintain, In 25 years if you calculate cost of a hard surface, and you calculate carpet, multiply carpet by 3, plus the installation by 3 plus 13% times 3. You will realize hardwood long term is a good investment for your home.


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Bathroom Design

In a well designed bathroom, water and vapor management comes to mind, Also practicality and function, a spa like bathroom is achievable, affordable, you have lots of options such as in floor radiant heat,a bench,a niche, curb less shower, linear drain, it can be wheel chair friendly, 

This adds character and value to your home

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