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Let Symmetrical Flooring design your Flooring tailored to you and to your budget.

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high quality supply and install porcelain tiles 


per square foot

Best Package Offer

large format porcelain tile

high quality setting materials

leveling clips

custom transition


basement treatment before laminate flooring  


per square foot

best bang for the buck deal 

humidity reduction 

lets cement breathe

keeps feet warm

protects laminate from moisture


grout color revival


per 250 square feet

Best for new Homes

cleans grout from efflorescence

cleans mud and debris

removes dust stains 


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Flooring products

carpet-vinyl-engineered wood-hardwood-laminate-porcelain tile-stone tile

We only supply the best products on the market


All flooring has a recommendation from the manufacturer as to how to install their specific product. We are pleased to say that we take the time to do it right and we will not rush a job.

customer service

Customer service is the most important part of our business, 

We will make sure your demands are met and that you are pleased with the experience of our services.  


Sometimes when you move or when something happens and you scratch you beautiful floor or you drop a sledge hammer on the tile by mistake and it chips, you will need a repair if you still have the existing floor, In this case we can help.

tailored design

After carefully looking at all your demands for a new look, new design on your floor, we will pair up with a designer, have options of products and a reasonable price.

floor preparation

Custom sand and screw of subfloor,

removal of existing flooring and or subfloor, self leveling or patching

plywood installation , fibre rock installation, Ditra, red guard, kerdi installations 

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What our customers are saying

He is like an artist when working with stone tiles, with the texture,vein variations, very interesting how they install tiles so flat, they take the time to visualize the floor before the project begins,they buy the right materials, they even cover the floors during the process so my tiles did not scratch, It is no wonder why Ceratec recommends Symmetrical flooring.

Bruce -home owner